Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just Because…I Love You

Written February 14, 2013

I read this devotion today and thought I would share it with you girls. Today is Valentine's day and it's soooooo easy to let it fall by the way side as just another day. We ain't got time for dat. Too much going on etc. etc. But see today as an opportunity to show your man how much he means to you. Even if it is a simple letter, text, email, or more. I know I have used the "I am just too busy excuse" not just on "special days" but on MANY days. Most times I am just tooooo tired to even lift my hand much less anything else. Ha! This devo reminded me of the simple things I would like to call "sparks" that we can do keep the connection there. While we ladies appreciate kind gestures on an emotional level, I have to constantly remind myself about the physical gestures my husband desires. And my prayer is that you pray that I find a way to restore the "spark" within me and find the energy to do the simple things I know my husband would appreciate. After last week's trip to FL with Jayce and the stress Jayce put on us...(he was 100 times more fussy, crying etc than he had ever been in his life) we determined that we NEED to have at least one night a month (away) so we could focus on just us. So this Friday marks the beginning on that. We are going to leave Jayce home with Maxime and Jared and I will spend the night in a hotel! Thus allowing us to focus on each other and getting some sleep!!! Please feel free to share your thoughts. But pray for me as I seek to be simply desirous of rekindling the spark of physical intimacy. *sigh*