Monday, April 25, 2011

Thirty and the Thirty Pound Challenge

So I am officially 30…the big 3-0! I was asked if I had any great epiphany turning 30, but I really don’t…(Unlike when I turned 29 :). I have been aiming to make some major life changes prior to my birthday…I think I have made major changes in my life just from last year to this year. I don’t feel a year older, but I definitely feel a year wiser!

One of the major life changes I am embarking on is aiming to live a healthier life. Not because I need to lose weight, and want to look good, but because health is just tied into so many aspects of life I can no longer ignore it! I would officially be a fool to not do better with my health. I am older now! In February and March, I taught the Tuesday night sisters’ class at church and I learnt a lot from my own lessons! In February, I covered a few mental health topics (depression, anxiety, illness, and grief). I was truly amazed to see how intertwined and integral exercise is to our overall mental health. Apart from the fact that diabetes is real, and runs in my family, I am also predisposed to clotting because of a protein S deficiency…That means if I get a clot I can get a stroke. Exercise would not only act as a primary method of prevention from these preventable diseases, but it would also aid in preserving my overall mental health. Besides increasing your lifespan, and living longer without major problems, exercise helps to boost your energy levels, improves your sleep, improves your overall mood, and improves your sex life. For a lot of major mental health disorders, exercise is “prescribed.” Exercise can prevent a lot of diseases including some cancers, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, hypertension, and helps regulate cholesterol.