Thursday, February 23, 2012

Greg's Faith Story

Greg and Tammy are a young counple. They had been happily married with a daughter when the accident happened. It was a rainy morning in November 2005. As usual, Greg left home at 6:30am headed to work. He saw a van coming towards him and slowed to a stop and swerved to his right to avoid collision. In the process of swerving right the van hit his car and they both went left. The other car went into a ditch. Unfortunately the drive of the other car died. The other drive was trying to jump out of his vehicle and was not wearing a seat belt.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Little Faith Story

Blog!! My people! I have missed you! Oh my gosh, I have SOOO fallen off the map! So much has happened in December and January, and well 2011…Where do I begin!? I have to do better. Blogging has become one of my side hobbies and I really enjoy doing it…But then life happens and I get a little distracted. I keep saying that I will do better…ahhhh….hopefully 2012…I am already off to a late start!

Well HAPPY NEW YEAR! If I have not told you already! There is a lot on my mind, but I can only write one post at a time :). So today I want to share my recent faith story.